To buy the right spring extension, consider factors like the height of the door, length and weight. Check the spring extension that perfectly fits your garage door.

It is very important to choose the right spring for your garage door. For a properly functional garage, the right extension should be used. Before buying the spring extension, consider these factors:

  • The weight of the door is the most important factor to be considered by a homeowner before purchasing spring extensions. The best way to determine this is by considering the number of garage door If two springs are broken, the homeowner should place an analog scale in the middle of the door. If only one spring is broken, the scale should slide under the door along with the broken spring.
  • The next factor is the height of the door. The length of the extension increases with the height of the door. The extension spring needs to stretch along with the height of the garage door. If this goes wrong, the buyer will not be able to purchase the right spring for the garage door.
  • The last factor is the length of the spring. The buyers should keep in mind to measure the length of the spring when it is not stretched. This should not include the ends of the spring. It is advisable to measure the spring when the coil is compressed because the springs will stretch after a particular period of time. In order to calculate the length of the spring, the buyer can count the coil.

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Once the measurement is done, it is time to select the right extension spring. The buyers need to consider the advantages and the disadvantages in order to choose the appropriate spring.

  1. Open-looped: With this type of spring, it is easier to change the ends because the pulley or the eye-bolt does not need replacement. They just need to be opened in order to be changed. If you want to save money, you should consider clipping the ends of the spring. The only disadvantage of these springs is that they rely on open wires at the terminals.
  2. Double-looped: These springs have stronger ends than the open-looped ones. The pulley and the eye-bolts are connected to two coils. It takes more time to replace these extension springs in the garage door
  3. Clipped ends: They are stronger and are also more durable than the other two springs. This is because they experience less stress from the string clips. They are best for doors weighing 200 lb. Their only disadvantage is the problem that occurs at the time of their replacement.

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