The most common garage door issues include: frozen garage door, damaged garage door springs, broken garage door rollers, uneven door, popping sound as the door operates, the garage door opens and closes randomly, frayed cable, black residue at the exterior of the garage door, rust spots at the bottom of the garage door, garage door closes with a bang, garage door makes some grinding and scraping sounds, among others. Below are instructions on garage door fixes to some of the above garage door issues.

Frozen garage door repair: The following are the instructions:

  • The first step is to disconnect the operator. In order to be able to disconnect the operator, you will see a red cord hanging from the operator rail. Disconnecting will prevent damaging the operator and the door.
  • The second step is to scrape away any ice between the bottom of the door and the concrete.
  • The third step is to lift up the door gently to avoid causing any damage to the bottom section. By doing this, you will have repaired the frozen garage door.

Garage door maintenance:  The garage door is the largest moving part in the house. In order to ensure that you door is operating smoothly for years to come, it is paramount that you regularly maintain it.

  • First step, take a look and listen if its moving smoothly and also not making any grinding and scraping noises.
  • Second step, tighten up all roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench.
  • Third step, inspect and replace any broken rollers.

This can be done by following this simple instructions.

First, unplug the garage door from the power opener by pulling the release rope. Second, place C-clamps below the old rollers. Third, remove the nuts holding the broken rollers then remove the broken rollers together with the brackets. Four, position the new wheel into new bracket and position the wheel in such a way that the wheel is cradled on the track. Finally, attach the brackets with nuts and tighten it when the wheel is correctly positioned. This process can be repeated for the other side if the roller is also broken.

  • The fourth step is to replace the rubber weather seat strip at the bottom of the door if it is cracked. The fifth step is to lubricate the moving parts of the door to add years to your system. Finally check the cables if they are in good condition.

Damaged garage door springs:  Replacing door springs is one of the most common repairs that a garage door requires. You can easily know if your garage door springs needs garage door repair if you try to open your garage door and you are unable to lift it. Chances are the spring is broken. Another way is if your door is connected to an automatic garage door opener, when you open it, it stops halfway. Unless you are well trained, you should never attempt to repair or adjust springs. Continuing to operate the garage door with a broken spring is very dangerous since it can cause further damage to the garage door and also to the electric opener system.