Cost of  installing new garage door varies by region. A new garage door installation should cost between $500 and $800 for a single door. An average home owner can tackle the project of installing a garage door in a span of nine hours whereas a professional can be able to do all the work in roughly six hours maximum. Most house experts point out to the fact that the installation task can be a two-person job. It requires adequate knowledge of household electronic systems and even advanced carpentry skills.

The cost breakdown for installing a new garage door when using professional services is as discussed below:

Cost Breakdown

First of all the typical costs one will incur include:

a) Locating a good contractor

Many professional overhead garage door companies exist nowadays. It is advisable to get in contact with at least three different agencies. You can then request for a bid or quote for the whole work. While doing this you should be sure that each of the quotes from the different agencies includes the costs for different types of doors, installation fees and cost of wiring the garage door opener. Standard door prices depending on models range from:

Single tilt-up- $400-$700 installed

Single roll-up- $800-$1000 installed

Custom roll-up- $1200-$2000

Solid wood custom model- $2500-$3000

b) The door styles

It is of importance to consider any additional features. This can include windows across the door top which will provide light inside the garage. Use of wood or steel frames which gives doors added stability and security. Insulation can also be done in order to reduce the cost of energy in an attached garage by up to 10 to 20%.

c) Garage door openers

Automatic garage door openers are always not alike. Their prices always range from around $150 to $300 installed and they come with an option for secure openers. This option adds no more than $50 to the total project cost.

Costs of Additional Considerations

a) Widths

Doors come in a range of styles and they can be found as single-width or double-width. Serious considerations are supposed to be taken when choosing one of the other. If you decide to use single door that will cover the whole opening of two-car garage then you have to make some structural changes to the entry way which implies you have to spend more on the project.

b) Lighting

You may opt to install exterior lighting during the same time of installing the new door. This requires a licensed electrician on sight. This will considerably increase the overall cost

c) Steel entry doors

When you are fitting a garage with new doors, it is always a good idea considering a separate though single 3 by 688 exterior door. The door should have lockets and half-glass too. With no doubt this requires some carpentry. There is however a better way to allow for flexibility in case of a larger garage door repair choice. This can ensure that the homeowner has more than a single way out or into the structure. Approximation costs for such a feature will vary. The range is approximately $200 to $1000 each.

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