No one’s happy…

With a noisy garage door opener, that is! Noisy garage doors are unpleasant, to say the least, to both the residents of your home in San Diego and the neighbors. This is especially true if the garage is attached to the house so that every time you came in or out of the home, you would wake everybody up in your house (including any new born in the house) and depending on the distance between your home and your neighbors, you could wake them up as well!

Keep it down!

There are various reasons why a garage door could be noisy. The first and fundamental reason is the choice of the drive used to open your garage door. The choice of the drive depends mostly on the weight of the door rather than the quietness of function. Sometimes in that compromise, you may end up with a noisy door.

However, the mere choice of the drive will not be enough to warrant intervention. There are other reasons and other interventions that you could make to quiet down your garage door:

  1. Tighten things up

Sometimes the rattling and rumbling could be result of loose bolts and screws. The track and the opener could also be loose making the movements of the door quite noisy.You could simply tighten all of these up and the noise would go away. Be careful not to make it too tight though as that could result in some damage to the door.

  1. Lubrication

Lack of lubrication could be the cause of that irritating screeching noise and some rattling that you hear when the door moves. Spray a light oil lubricant along the springs, the inside of the track and around the metal rollers. Make sure to spray the hinges between the door panels as well.

  1. Buffering

You can add thin pieces of rubber between the door and the bolt assembly as well as between the door and the metal support frame of the opener. The rubber will absorb any vibration that could reach the support frame and your floor, thereby reducing all of the vibration noise.

  1. Replace the rollers

You can replace you metal rollers with nylon ones. Metal rollers on metal tracks can be very noisy but nylon tracks hardly make any noise and they do not require lubrication so you have the advantage of reduced garage door repair and maintenance for your door.