Having an electric garage door opener with advanced facilities definitely makes it much easier to access a garage. Learn how a garage door opener is reset.

If you are staying in San Diego, you will most likely have an electric door opener for your garage. There are generally two types of electric garage door openers, the ones with keypad and those without keypad. Both these systems have their own pros and cons. However, in case of a problem, resetting an electric garage door opener becomes a must. You can also take professional help if it is too complex for you.

For Garage Doors with a Keypad

The first step is to place the ladder under the motor unit of the garage door to gain access to the unit.

 The second step is to press the learn button which is located on one side of the motor. Hold it down for some time and then release the button when a light at its side goes off. Once this is done, the old code is removed from the memory of the system of the electric garage door opener.

 After this is done, push the button on the motor one more time so that the light comes on again. Now you can enter the new code of your choice on the keypad. At this point, the light comes on once again to accept the new code.

 Now you can press the button of the motor again. Press any button of the remote after that and the light will indicate that a new password has been added into the system. Repeating this step can help in programming all your remotes that will then help you access the system of the electric garage door opener.

 For Garage Doors without a Keypad service

 In the case of a garage door that does not have a keypad service, you must use the remote control of the garage doors to solve the problem. Expose all the switches of this remote control.The second step is to take the remote control and slightly alter the switches. You can then replace the cover of the remote. Repeating this with other remotes will then help change the code in them as well. If you have an electric garage door opener without keypads, you have to follow this system.

At last, you can place the ladder one more time beneath the garage door and try moving the switches of the motor constantly to change the current password and then enter the new one. Also San Diego Garage Door Experts provides the best service.