Garage doors make noise when they open or close. Though it is generally normal, too much noise can certainly be irritating. This Blog discusses how undue noises caused by garage doors are reduced.


Most residents of San Diego have garage doors and openers for their garage. When you open or close the garage doors, it causes vibration which may lead to some noise. This is not a big problem during daytime. But it can be really annoying when the whole of San Diego is sleeping at night. You don’t need to replace the garage door and purchase a quieter model to solve this problem. Just some simple maintenance measures can make a big difference. Here are some tips to make garage doors less noisy.

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Tips to reduce garage door noise

  • Tighten all the bolts and screws on the door and the track to reduce noise. Make sure everything is tight, but not overdone.
  • Check whether any of the hinges are loose. If so tighten all the hinges again.
  • Spray lubricants on the hinges between the door panels. It is important to use lubricants at least twice a year in order to make garage doors less noisy.
  • If the bottom brackets are rubbing themselves against the tracks, widen the track spacing slightly. Do not forget to go through the manual before working on the tracks.
  • If the extension springs or sheaves are rubbing themselves against the horizontal tracks, just raise the rear mounting position of the springs. Warning: see spring instructions in manual for extension spring adjustment!
  • Add some lubricant to all the moving components of the garage doors. Spray oil liberally on the top of the spring and let it come down. Also, spray on the inner portion of each track and around the metal rollers.
  • For a chain assembly, add lubricants on the chain. This ensures that it moves easily around the gears.
  • Examine the rollers of your garage door. If you have metal rollers that move along the metal tracks, they may create extra sounds. As an alternative, you can use nylon rollers. They are much quieter, require less maintenance and don’t need any lubricants as well. Most importantly, these nylon rollers are not much costlier than the metal rollers. When you consider the noise reduction that nylon rollers bring about, they really become worth the investment. If you live in San Diego, you can simply hire a garage door repair professional to get the nylon rollers installed in just two hours.
  • You can add rubber pieces to the door and opener to let them act as buffers. To do this, you have to remove the bolts that hold the door to the track using a socket wrench. Strap a thin piece of rubber between the door and the bolt. Tighten the bolts again. The rubber absorbs the vibration before the door touches the floor and thus makes the garage doors less noisy.