Summary: A garage door opener remote helps one to open the garage without having to leave the car, especially during rainy seasons. Learn how to fix a garage door remote if it is not working.

Most of the homeowners in San Diego use electric garage doors operated by a remote for convenience. The latest model of garage door opener remote uses a chip to send an IR signal to the receiver. If this chip is damaged, you have to just replace your remote. However, in most of the cases, the problem is a minor one and you can fix it on your own.


Check the batteries

In most cases, the primary cause for the failure of a remote control is weak or expired batteries. So, if the remote is not working, first try to replace the batteries. Sometimes new batteries may also be defective. It is always advisable to use good quality, branded batteries. Though rechargeable batteries are eco-friendly and cost-effective, they are not as efficient as usual batteries.

Check the battery case

It is important to check whether there is any dirt, moisture or debris in the battery case since this may stop the current of the batteries from flowing to the remote’s circuit board. If the case looks wet or contains any discoloration, it has to cleaned and dried well. A sand-paper or a fine woolen cloth can be used to clean the battery case.

Check the remote functioning

Your garage door opener remote won’t work if it is too far away from the receiver. This can also be a reason. So try operating the remote from just two feet away from the receiver unit. Also, try to operate the remote from different positions in the car, or just come out of the car and push the buttons.

Check the receiver for power

The remote won’t work if there is no power at the receiver end. If the receiver is battery-operated, try replacing the batteries. If it is connected to a wall outlet, ensure that the current is passing at the specific plug point.

Check for blocked safety sensors

The safety sensors are usually located at the bottom on the back of the garage door track. If the sensors are blocked by any dirt, debris or paper, the door will not open even if the remote sends a signal.

Reset the system

If none of the above tips helps you, you must reset the garage door opener remote and receiver just like you reboot your computer. You have to just remove the batteries from the remote control and put them back in after 30 seconds. To reset a receiver, unplug the unit from the wall unit for 30 seconds and plug it back in.

If you want to replace your remote control or need any advice regarding garage door safety, you can contact any garage door repair experts in San Diego.