Daily usage of garage doors result in wear and tear which is unavoidable. To continue working properly and to ensure your safety, that of your vehicle and other garage door users, your garage door must be maintained regularly. Planning a well thought maintenance schedule is recommended as it minimizes chances of all out major repairs.

Benefits of such a maintenance plan include;

  1. Reduced logistical problems.
  2. The garage door system operates optimally.
  3. The lifespan of the garage door increases.
  4. Emergency repairs costs are reduced.
  5. Reduces disruptions in work flow in case it is on a commercial or industrial premise.

We have different programs to choose from, they include; quarterly programs, semi-annually to annually as well as custom made ones to suit your distinct operations and preference as such you are sure to find one that is right for your home or business needs and finance.

When you hire a door repair company to carry out regular maintenance on your garage door, ensure they include a complete package. Us, we provide a holistic package that ensures every aspect of your garage door is taken care of. Our package covers the following;

  • Inspection of cables, tracks, bottom bars, rollers and alignments.
  • Checking door controls and the garage door operator.
  • Lubricating rollers, chain hoists, hinges shaft bearings etc.
  • Making adjustments to brakes, clutch and limit assemblies.
  • Tightening various screws, hinges, track brackets, drums as well as the couplings.

Never accept an incomplete package. Contact us today and start a regular maintenance program for your door to ensure it is always in an appropriate operating condition. The good thing about our program is that we are able to diagnose and detect problems early before they get out of hand.

In addition to maintenance services, we also offer the following;

All manner of repairs

Garage doors systems can break down at any time, hence, we offer an all-round repair service that ensures you are not inconvenienced for long. We have a ready team to respond quickly In case of emergencies. We fix broken springs, repair opening systems, repair circuit boards, cables, and hinges among others.

Safety inspection

We look after the safety of our clients, hence, we regularly offer free safety inspection. This is outside the maintenance program you chose and is usually conducted monthly to ensure your garage door is always safe.

Installation of garage doors

We install all types of garage door to your satisfaction. Contact us to learn what type suits you best. We can also help you to shop around for the right door.

Garage door structure repair

We can repair any type and style of garage door. Whether wooden or made from steel, our technicians have the right training and are thus able to tackle any kind of damage to your garage door structure.

San Diego Garage Door Experts has been offering quality an assortment of garage door repair services in San Diego and its environs for a number of years now with satisfied clients all over. Our success can be attributed to our striving to offer quality services geared to ensuring efficient and safe operation of your garage door system. We are licensed and registered to operate in San Diego and as well we are backed by solid warrants of both labor and parts. Talk to us today; fixing garage door is what we do best.