There are various companies that offer essential garage door repair services within San Diego area with San Diego Garage Door Experts being one of the most reliable garage door services within the area. The company’s services range from routine garage door repair and maintenance services such as garage door opener repair, garage door spring repair and garage door installation. We also has a range of consultancy services and this includes responding to some of the queries raised by customers.

One of the most routine installation services at San Diego Garage Door Experts is garage door opener installation. There are several steps that are involved when it comes to installing a new garage door opener with the first step being selecting the most appropriate opener for your door. Just like with any other devices, different types of openers have been designed to work with different types of garage doors and therefore, you should ensure that the opener you select is the most appropriate for your garage door. For those homeowners with a single garage door, you might consider opting for 1/3hp or 1/2 hp opener. The 1/2 can also be used for double doors but when it comes to the much heavier faux wooden doors, it is advisable to use the 3/4 garage door openers. In addition to the physical attributes of the opener, one should also consider choosing the most appropriate opener type from the three choices available and these are the chain, screw or belt drive openers.

After selecting the appropriate opener for your garage door, you should embark on the task of setting up or positioning the opener. In order to do this, you need to align the opener’s rail with mid position of the garage door. Thereafter, you should assemble the opener in line with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once the opener has been properly aligned, you should then embark on the process of installing the opener and this should be done while the door is open.

Use an appropriate material for mounting the opener. Most openers usually come with a strap that is meant to be used for mounting the device but it is not advisable to use these straps since they are most often than not flimsy and do not provide the right mounting material. Instead use an angle iron for a more solid mounting.

One the opener has been mounted; the next step should involve ascertaining the opener’s opening force. You can do this by resting your foot on the garage door and attempt opening it suing the remote device. The main objective is to ascertain if the force from your foot will prevent the door from fully opening. A proper functioning garage door should be able to halt the opening process once it detects a slight pressure from an external source. In case this does not happen, continue readjusting the garage door opener screws until the required opening force is attained.

Upon successful installation of the garage door opener, there are also other issues that you should observe in order to ensure the proper functioning of the garage door. One of the most important things to remember is to use proper bulbs that can handle vibration and whose wattage is conforms to the opener specifications.