There are two main components of a garage door which you should take time to familiarize yourself with for a smooth and successful installation. One is the door’s mechanism while the other is the electric opener. Take note, the garage door mechanism includes the panels, tracks as well as the garage door wheels. Simply put, there are several different things which need to be put in place during garage door installation in order to avoid any problems and allow the garage door to work smoothly.

It is important to understand that in spite of taking necessary measures and following all the key steps for installation as instructed by the manufacturer, some problems are usually still bound to come up. Such problems if left unattended to contribute to the failure of the garage door at the least expected moment. Take note, most garage door problems are usually mechanical following the installation of wrong parts. This being the case, below is an overview of common garage door problems and tips to help you overcome them.

Garage door opener

Problem: there are several things which can easily go wrong with the garage door opener. For instance, the opener may not be receiving enough power. Sometimes you may have installed the opener properly and all the connections are in order but still the garage door fails to open up.

How to fix: in the event that you notice that the garage door opener seems not to be getting enough power, it is advised that you step up and check to make sure that it is plugged into the power outlet. While doing this, check to make sure that there are absolutely no cables that are loose.

The garage door mechanism

Problem: in spite of following all the installation steps, the garage door might still end up sticking or better yet hesitating to smoothly open or close when you try to operate it (test it). The garage door tracks may also be slightly dented during the process of installing the garage door. May be the brackets connected to the door trim may have been loosened during the raising and lowering test of the garage door.

How to fix: In case the garage door sticks when you test it, carefully check through all the connections in the process oiling parts which seem too dry such as the wheels using WD-40 oil. As for any dents along the tracks, raise and lower the garage door as frequently as possible as this will gradually loosen the brackets consequently allowing the garage doors to operate smoothly.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to matters related to garage door installation, it is important to make sure that you clearly understand what kind of fixes you can do on your own. Most importantly, it is important to familiarize yourself with the fixes which you would require someone with a little more experience to work on. Refrain from taking chances as this might only result into you creating more problems which overtime would warrant more garage door repair works on your new garage door installation. If you can afford, hire the most professional garage door installation service provider to assist you in making sure your new installation is least characterized by any problems especially the type which you cannot easily overcome.

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