Garage door rollers are an integral part of any and every garage door. These parts enable the garage door in getting opened or closed. Hence, they perform the vital function of providing the much needed mobility to the garage door. Garage door rollers come in various shapes and sizes.

Some of these types can be:
1. Steel truck door roller

2. Steel roller with zinc stern

3. Sealed nylon roller with Zinc plated stern

4. Sealed nylon roller with stainless steel stern
Not many people possess specialized knowledge when it comes to purchasing or replacing their garage door rollers. This leads to confusion and chaos while arriving at the final decision. A malfunctioning roller can prevent your garage door from getting closed or opened thus making it a real hard day for you.

Rollers are one of the most vital parts of any garage door, the others being brackets, garage door openers, etc. Hence, it is imperative that you look to source an ideal roller when it comes to getting one installed. This would effectively elongate the usability and effective life of your garage door. Also regular garage door repair and maintenance is important.

While buying a garage door roller always look to consider the following points:

  • The first and the foremost factor to be determined is the material from which the roller is made. This would help you in gauging the effectiveness of the roller in carrying the weight of the door. Also, the material should safeguard the roller from wear and tear.
  • Rollers are usually one inch, two inch, or three inch diameter on the wheel. In case you have doubts regarding the measurements using a ruler can prove to be of help. Also, do not forget to ascertain the measurement of the stem. The stems of most rollers have a diameter of 7/16 of an inch .You should always look to buy a roller, which complements the dimensions of your garage door.
  • Always look to source a zinc or stainless steel roller in case you reside in an area which has high moisture levels. Rollers made from these materials are highly effective when it comes to countering damage caused due to moisture. You should also look to get a corrosion resistant roller installed in case your area experiences extreme drop in temperatures. Such chilly weather conditions can damage the bottom rollers.
  • Get a nylon or rubber roller installed in case you want the same to function silently. Nylon doors are equipped with ball bearings which help them in functioning silently. However, it is worth mentioning that these doors are more expensive as compared to the other types. Such rollers are easily available at departmental stores located in San Diego and other parts of the USA.
  • Use a 10 ball roller in case your garage door is a heavy one. These have a working load of 75 lbs. The more advanced Vinyl standard 11 ball bearing rollers are low on maintenance.
  • Last but not the least, always remember that the garage door bottom bracket has all the spring tension attached to it. Hence, never try to remove the same when the spring tension is live.