A garage door is one of the most important fitting when it comes to housing and securing your vehicle, it not only allows you to access you vehicle but also controlling who access it. Usually it is a large door that either opens manually or by a garage door opener. Due to its size, it is usually very heavy and can cause serious and fatal injuries and property damage if due care is not excised when installing and handling garage door. Majority of garage door injuries occurs due to falling door, improperly setting of garage door opener, uncontrolled tension spring release all of which is can be attributed to poor workmanship as a result of trying to do-it=yourself or hiring non-qualified technicians. Considering the risk and damages which could arise from this, it is advisable to hire services of qualified and certified garage door experts. At San Diego Garage Door Experts we not only have expertise knowledge but also we are certified to handle all kind of garage door installation and maintenance services.

Installation of garage doors: –

To ensure that you and your vehicle are not exposed to any danger, Laius with you to advice on the wright door for your garage and alternatives available based on your budget and preference. We ensure every detail is done to customers’ satisfaction while observing required safety measures.

Residential garage door maintenance: –

Garage door is used on a daily basis and as a result there is wear and tear of moving parts. To ensure that your door operates properly it is recommended that regular maintenance be carried out. At San Diego Garage Door Installation, Residential Garage Door Services we offer two type of maintenance follows:

Preventive maintenance (scheduled maintenance): –

Our technicians will cares and service your door on an agreed schedule to ensure that it remain in a satisfactory operating condition through conducting regularly systematic inspections, detection, and correction of any identified malfunctions before they develop into major malfunctions. To meet your preference we have different programs to choose from, they include; quarterly programs, semi-annual, annual as well as custom made ones.

Benefits of such a maintenance plan include;

  1. Minimize logistical problems.
  2. Ensure optimal operation of garage door system 
  3. It increase the lifespan of the garage door 
  4. Reduce cost of Emergency repairs 
  5. Ensure minimal disruptions in work flow in case it is on a commercial or industrial premise.

To ensure you get the full package, we cover the following aspects during regular maintenance:

  • Inspection of tracks, cables, bottom bars, rollers and alignments.
  • Checking garage door operator and door controls.
  • Lubricating chain hoists, rollers, hinges, shaft, bearings etc.
  • Making adjustments to clutch, brakes, and limit assemblies.
  • Tightening of various hinges, screws, drums, track brackets, as well as couplings.

Corrective maintenance: –

Is a maintenance task carried out when the door fails to function, it is performed to identify, isolate, and rectify a fault so that the failed door can be restored to an operational condition within the tolerances established for in-service operations. It is a relatively expensive maintenance compared to preventive maintenance.

  1. Additional services offered include:
  2. Broken cable repair
  3. Automatic door opener installations 
  4. Retrofitting installation in historical structures 
  5. Overhead door installation
  6. Extension spring replacement
  7. Roller and hinge replacement
  8. Commercial maintenance contract 
  9. Broken torsion springs

By hiring San Diego Garage Door Installation, Residential Garage Door Services, you are assured that you will always get Quality and Safety at its best. Call us to have your garage door problem solved by a San Diego garage door experts.