A typical home garage door looks really easy to maintain, but maintaining it properly can get difficult at times. There can be problems with the garage door of your home in San Diego off and on. Here are 7 tricks to avoid garage door problems:




1. Doors getting stuck in the open or closed position

This could happen due to a number of reasons. Probably the battery is an issue or the tracks for the door are not clean enough. This could also be happening due to problems occurring during the installation of the door. Make sure the installation is done well.

2.Make sure the cables or springs are installed with care

To make the door work smoothly, make sure that the cables or springs are hung throughout the door. Working with a well-established installation service provider will help in avoiding all such problems.

3.Unpleasant noises during opening and closing

Lack of lubrication is generally the reason for this noise.  Make sure that some good lubricant like the WD-40 is used. Applying this on to the tracks of the door helps.

4.Cleaning the tracks of the door

Cleaning the tracks of the door regularly is another trick to avoid problems with the garage door. It is always beneficial to have a smooth door .

 5.Doors are not staying in place

It really becomes a serious matter of safety when you are pulling out the car from the garage and the door falls down on top. This mainly happens when the cables of the door become loose. You should have this checked regularly.

 6.Maintaining the door regularly

Garage doors add to the beauty and safety of every home. But without regular maintenance, it is a challenge to keep a door running smoothly for a long time.

7.When the door falls down quickly when released

 This mainly happens when the cables of the door become loose or get damaged. Carrying out repairs will help in avoiding such problems in the future.


By following these top  7 tricks to avoid garage door problems, you can keep yourself and your family safe in your pretty San Diego home. It will even help in avoiding any sort of problems in the future. Remember, regular garage door repair and maintenance is the key to smooth operation!