Is your garage door giving you a hell of a time? Then stress no more because at San Diego garage door experts, we deal with all garage door problems, we understand that a garage door is prone to wearing out fast because of its frequent movements. With many years of experience, we work diligently to provide the best services ranging from repairs, maintenance and installation.

Our informed and hardworking experts do their best to address all your garage door hitches. One of the common problem is with garage door opener. This is the device which helps to open and close the door, due to its duty to serve you relentlessly, it is bound to wear out but not to worry because with our new belt drive the scenario will be different.
A belt drive is used to spread power, they reduce garage door noises as well. Your garage door really needs a belt drive opener. Below are the most effective ways of installing a garage door opener with our new belt drive;

1. Make sure your door is smooth by applying a lubricant so as to reduce friction. Bear in mind that your door must be functioning well before embarking on installation of a belt drive, your garage door springs and pulleys should be in check.

2. Get rid of garage door locks or any other attachments so as to ensure they don’t intertwine you once you have started the installation.

3. You should arrange power in a way that it won’t cause any damage as you are working. In case you plan on fixing wiring permanently for your garage door opener you should make sure you shut off the power until you are through with the installation.

4. You should put the push button where everyone present can see it and children can access easily that is, at least 5 feet from the garage floor.

5. At the epicenter of your door install a header bracket as the manual indicates and then attach to the power support.

6. With the assistance of a portable ladder ensure that the power unit doesn’t come in the way of your door when it is opening, test severally by opening the door completely once you have come down, if there is any correction do them, then connect the power unit to the garage ceiling.

7. After you have successfully done this then attach the linkage assemblage. To do this effectively attach the door bracket following the manuals space suggestions and then connect the button control in an accessible place.Dont forget to staple the wire up the wall so as to connect to the power component. Always be carefully with electricity because it is very dangerous and once the electric system is fixed in appropriately then severe damages can be caused.

Having read the aforementioned ways of installation of your belt drive garage door opener am sure that you are eager to go ahead and fix for yourself without any doubt or fear. In case of any problem or clarification feel free to consult us at garage door San Diego experts anytime and our technicians will be delightful to serve you.

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