It is clear that having a great garage door is very essential for you. This is great for your own safety and convenience in relation to its operation. In most cases, garage door made of steel and aluminium are strong, exhibit great performance and proves long-lasting effect. This has made them to be adopted by most individuals.

Despite its efficiency in providing great services, such a garage door may be prone to different collisions, bumps and even knocks that may result to formation of dents. This may prompt you to undertake garage door repair or garage door spring repair at early stage in order to prevent extreme effects. In the situation where the condition cannot be managed, this may result to a new garage door installation which is costly.

Meanwhile, there are five effective ways to fix a dent on your garage door in a quick and faster means. Here are some of the materials that you will actually need:

A big sponge
A bucket
Lighter(a standard type)
Hose pipe
Dish soap
Compressed air
Aluminium foil of heavy duty type
Standard lighter

Once the tools have been obtained at an efficient garage door offer, here are the simple ways of fixing the dent:

1) Cleaning of the Dented Surface

The surface (which may also require garage opener repair) with the dent needs to be cleaned with warm water. You can actually use the hose pipe to fill the water in the bucket. Dish soap can then be applied until the water is soapy. Using that water, you can clean the surface until all the dirt has been eliminated. Once the surface is sparkling clean after rinsing, you can leave it to dry.

2) Apply the Aluminium Foil on Dented Surface

At first, you need to ensure that the aluminium foil is of considerable size that can perfectly fit on the area with the dent. While holding both ends of the aluminium foil, you can unroll it and place it on the dented surface. Ensure that you can reach both ends with ease. You can continue holding the foil with one hand as you prepare to move to the next stage.

3) Use of the Standard Lighter

You can put on the flame of the lighter and then move the flame on top of the aluminium foil. This process can take close to 30 seconds. You should ensure that the distribution of the heat is even and this should be done in a quick pace. Once that minute is over, you can remove the aluminium foil from the dented surface.

4) Application of the Compressed Air

Apparently, the can with compressed air should be held in an upside down position. Actually, this will facilitate emission of carbon dioxide that is crucial in facilitating the process of getting rid of the dent. This procedure can take about half an hour.

5) Popping Back of the Dent

The process of popping back of the dent is meant to be facilitated by the differences in existing temperature conditions. The cold temperature provided by carbon dioxide and the warm temperature generated by the light will be the resultant factors for the popping back of the dent. You will then wait for a couple of minutes before the dented surface returns to its normal condition.

These “Do It Yourself” activities can really save you on cost of receiving garage door repair services. If the dents appear to be extreme, it would be important for you to seek professional services from San Diego garage door experts.